SEM/SEA (Search Engine Marketing)

You want to increase your visibility and thereby increase your sales? Then let’s hit the bull’s eye with our customized search engine marketing concepts.

Little excursion to clarify the abbreviations: SEM = search engine marketing SEM also contains search engine advertising (SEA). This always means paid advertising, which appears at the top, the right or at the bottom of the Google results page. There is a magic word for this, Adwords. All right? If not, call us.

Your business always in view

In addition to search engine optimization (SEO), there are ways to get quick attention through paid ads: SEA and SEM. Regardless of the e-commerce area or the existing budget, we can find the right ad strategy for you. Your advantage with SEM / SEA: You only pay for clicks, but at the same time receive free visual contacts from thousands of interested customers. Branding successes are therefore included and what is even more important: in addition to your established line of products you can also quickly and effectively bring attention onto your new products or services.

The search engine marketing (SEM / SEA) of Bergx2

We take you to the summit economically, by enabling you to get top rankings of your ads, while making optimum use of the budget at the same time. We compile a detailed market and competitor analysis, test and optimize your landing pages, research relevant keywords, ad copy and develop effective campaigns on Google Adwords or optimize your existing ones. Our comprehensive services range from consulting with specific recommendations for action and an individual SEM strategy, the concrete implementation by our experienced team to long-term support, which includes continually optimizing your campaigns.

The SEM / SEA focal points of Bergx2:

  • Strategic consulting and conception of SEM / PPC campaigns
  • Keyword analysis, market and competitive analysis
  • Campaign structure taking into account the available budget
  • Development, insertion, optimization of ad copy, taking into account the quality factor
  • Creation of efficient landing pages
  • Campaign maintenance and continuous management of cost per click and keyword-adjustments