Web & Mobile developer; API manager

Ivo works at Bergx2 GmbH mainly on well through out HTML/CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP / MySQL solutions. As a side effect of his constant desire to learn new languages, he is competent in many of the major programming languages, such as C, C + +, C #,. NET, Java, Prolog, etc. He also developed Postgres and Oracle databases with MySQL.

Through many years of experience in web development, he has a wide range of expertise in dealing with content management systems: PyroCMS modules such as Core a Coletiva, Simples Alquimia, Drupal, WordPress, Contao and other CMSs. He works on almost all projects with Matevz. His goal: to work as fast as possible, with the highest quality and to always exceed expectations. Ivo achieves the best flow inspired by the soothing sounds of jazz, rock or relaxing classical music.

Ivo studied computer science at the University of Minho, Braga (Portugal), prestigious for computer science.


Email ivo@bergx2.de
Phone +49 89 7007470-0