Web Development

We will support you with the technical implementation of a website, an e-store or any other web applications.

A thorough planning phase prevents future mistakes in programming and saves significant development expenses. Easy navigation, accessible web design, logical structure and compatibility with as many browsers as possible, in addition to an appealing graphic design, are the basis for the success of your website.

More and more websites are created with the help of Content Management Systems (CMS), since this way editors can expand and update the content of the website without web development knowledge. To achieve this objective, choosing the right CMS system is crucial, as these are usually very different in functionality and usability.


For our customers, we have the following CMS solutions successfully in use:

  • Contao
  • Typo3
  • Joomla
  • Contenido
  • WordPress


We will advise you in choosing the right CMS, install it on your web server, create CMS layouts, templates, and program individual extensions for you.

Among others, we also have experience with Zend, Ruby on Rails, CodeIgniter, Symfony and Yii. The development takes place on the basis of frameworks. The selection is customized.