SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Constant interaction and authenticity are important characteristics of social media marketing (SMM). But what company has the time to continuously think of something new for its customers, while also always keeping the business philosophy in mind, in addition to operating the business?

We take care of your social media activities

With the necessary know-how and a high degree of creativity in their luggage, our guides support you in mastering the bumpy journey through the social web successfully. The first, crucial question: what social platform provides the desired attention for your specific product? To that end we take your product, your target audience and business philosophy closely under the microscope, determine your assets and check how your products are being discussed already on the social Web (social media monitoring). On this basis, we select a suitable social media strategy for you and if you wish, implement it by delivering plenty conversation material and do the dialogue management. You already have a social media profile, but the audience has not responded yet? We will help you optimize your fan pages successfully.

Social networks are full of information

Today, it is common practice to obtain and exchange information and opinions on the web (social sharing), before buying a product. Take this opportunity to get important input for your products and services and purposefully introduce your products to the social networks scene. We can assist you with your positioning. Our goal is to increase the awareness of your company and products, to improve your image, as well as to influence the decisions of potential customers in your favor.

Our social media marketing services at a glance:

  • Selecting the right social media channels
  • Development of a social media strategy and the relevant catalogue of measures
  • Concrete implementation of the social media concepts
  • Complete support: Set-up, content creation, content uploading, set up of users, interaction with users
  • Social media monitoring
  • Use of synergy effects (SEOSEM / SEA)