SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engines, in Germany especially Google, are the main source of information for product search. And that's where you need to score points. The options to attract potential customers to your website or your online store are limited. At Bergx2, we will support you with our knowledge actively to ensure that your beautiful website will also get good traffic. We will assist you to get your online presence and product offerings to the top rankings in the search engines, through on-page and off-page activities and thus increase the number of visitors to your website. How do we do that? With many years of experience in search engine optimization - (SEO).

Your website in focus

Route planning is a must before each hike. Therefore, our experienced guides will scrutinize your website and those of your competitors carefully. From the keywords set to navigation, content to usability (user-friendliness) and link analysis: the trained eyes of our team (and our software tools) do not miss anything. Based on these analyses, we will provide you with comprehensive recommendations to give you a strategic advantage over your competitors and therefore a top ranking in the search engines.

According to the analysis of potential SEO measures we will get directly onto the on page and off page optimization of your website. To that end, please use our Content Service.

Ongoing support and adjustment of the SEO concept

SEO is a complex and ongoing optimization process. The reasons for this are regularly changing criteria and algorithms of search engines. But your competition is not sleeping either and is likewise fighting for the top positions in the search engine rankings. That is why we would like to service you long-term, analyze the SEO activities of your competitors and adjust your online performance with regard to potential changes. Always be a strategic step ahead of your competition with our help.

Our SEO services at a glance:

  • Keyword analysis and competition analysis with selected tools
  • SEO consulting: a customized SEO strategy
  • Implementation of the SEO strategy (on page and off page)
  • Long-term service: Monitoring and adaptation