Content Service

Content is king! You need a snazzy newsletter, a quick-witted press release, an attention-capturing e-mail or an informative website, but do not have time to take care of sufficient content or smoothed language? Sit back and enjoy the calming mountain views. Because the guides of Bergx2 gladly take over the pen and take care of the right editorial content, no matter what your specific needs, scope and target audience are.

Content service of Bergx2 means an all-round carefree package

In addition to the creating of target group-oriented and platform-adapted texts, the distribution of your editorial content is part of the content service of Bergx2. Our mountain guides for example, not only perform the task of formulating a newsletter, but also take care of its mailing. Subsequently you will receive feedback from Bergx2 on the responses to your content and with our help develop as a sense for topics that interest your customers and create sufficient attention for your products or services. Through our extensive content service you will save time and energy, that you can instead invest in your business operations and in the same breath use creative minds for your business.

Advantages of our broad knowledge

Due to our high level of know-how regarding search engine optimization and search engine marketing, we ensure that your messages are not only written, but are found and noticed by your target audience. So avail yourself of our synergies.

Our content service at a glance:

  • Search engine optimized content creation for every need and every target group
  • Entry of content into a suitable CMS
  • Scattering of the content on online platforms or in the social networks