Content Design

A good plan, the exact knowledge of the requirements - the heart of a successful mountain hike. We transpose this into our daily work. Through the compilation of requirements and objectives we can derive the strategies and measures for a joint tour and put the content onto the screen or paper. It is the overview of our services for you. It brings about a sense of security and predictability. To us it is the thread, which keeps us from going astray, and leads us to the summit. In other words, the strategic link between hook and safety rope.

The concept of content at a glance:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Strategy & design
  • Planning & realization
  • Control & optimization
  • Summary


Beyond just the mechanics of information systems, the content creation is concerned with the creative part of text and image design. Advertising, store, entertainment and image concepts. We analyze your competitors and determine your target groups. Furthermore, we determine the primary functions and media.