Organisational Culture

Organisational Culture of the Bergx2 GmbH Organisational Culture of Bergx2 GmbH

– „E” Standards to Successful Customer Service  

We believe that our company culture, values, and superior service standards are what define “The Bergx2 Difference”. Not only do we provide excellence in customer service to each client, but we are also committed to serving those around our solution applicants, including our communities and our employees.

At Bergx2 GmbH, our slogan of being passionately committed to excellence in providing customers with top level services is evident in everything we do. 


We have high expectations of excellence in customer service for our customers and for our own projects.

  • Zero tolerance for failure to execute our Bergx2 service standards.
  • Zero tolerance for failure to have prompt response and resolution of customer needs and concerns.

We have high expectations for employee conduct.

  • Zero tolerance for harassment of any type.
  • Zero tolerance for ethical misconduct.

Set high expectations for’ll be surprised at what you achieve.

  • Team members are encouraged to take responsibility and to communicate our company’s expectations to other parties. We take very seriously our leadership of high expectations! You cannot ask someone to do something you will not do yourself.


We should strive to exceed our customer’s expectations at all times. Our focus is customer service excellence!

Excellence is achieved by having passion for the work we do. You have to stand by and love the projects to work successfully for this company.

Small things are what create excellence:

  • Everyone does the basics.
  • Pay attention to details as they are the ingredients to excellence.
  • Excellence is created by the execution of Bergx2 GmbH’s service standards.
  • Go out of your way to help our customers or another employee...your efforts will return dividends to you.


The right employees make the difference.

  • Great physical plant + average employees = average facility
  • Average physical plant + great employees = great facility

The right employees have the following attributes:

  • Passion for service to others and technology.
  • Willingness to support the team ahead of themselves.
  • Understanding of the importance of details in achieving service excellence.
  • Willingness to be an example and leader for others.

Employees must work as a team.

  • Everyone pulls on same rope: customer service; incl. internal customers.
  • To get everyone on the same rope: communicate!
    • Communication must be effective and often.
    • Communication goes both ways: input and feedback are EXPECTED!
  • When employees are treated like royalty, they will treat our customers like royalty.


Every employee is empowered to improve our services for our customers; which includes our own services, too.

  • Empowerment means saying yes first and then figuring out how to meet the objectives.
  • We have to be solution oriented to have empowerment in customer service.

Leadership and education unlock the empowerment door.

  • Employees need feedback and training on customer service. It is an absolute must to create empowerment.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit means the most important people in the organisation are the people closest to our customers: coders, designers, marketing experts.


Education and training are customer service separators.

  • Employee orientation, in-service and academic courses, is an essential part of employee retention and customer service success.
  • The most effective education is done by example. We teach and train best by being role models of our culture, customer service, operating procedures, etc.
  • Training is a personal responsibility that runs on a two-way street.

There is no better way to show Bergx2‘s commitment and caring to an employee than through education and training – and vice versa: employee’s engagement in corporate growth and change.

  • Education is the best investment our company makes!


We have a responsibility to our shareholders to achieve a return on their investment.

  • Positive financial returns will allow for re-investment in improving our services, and eventually lead to higher remuneration.
  • Earnings generated can and will partially also be returned to the community through taxes and charitable contributions or services.


Now all we have to do is execute.

Execution does not happen by accident. Leadership is required to spur along the right combination of execution ingredients:

  • Hard work
  • Teamwork
  • Passionate commitment
  • Communication
  • Bergx2 GmbH standards

Execution success requires connecting the values of the company to what the task at hand involves.