Corporate Citizenship

Corporate citizenship is part of our long-term business strategy and basis for responsible actions.

To achieve our self-imposed standards in terms of creative excellence and to fulfill our responsibility to the client, requires a passionate attitude. This passion comes with our social commitment. The decisions made daily at Bergx2 GmbH are characterized in different ways:

Child and family friendly workplaces

It is not unusual for our modern, open office, to have children big and small at times dashing between server space, design and programming offices. Part-time jobs, flextime models and consideration for family responsibilities are also motivators for our team.


As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we value a fair and objective application process - this can only be achieved with anonymous records in our view. You, your abilities and potential are the focus of attention. Therefore please do not include information such as photo, name, sex, origin (e.g. in the CV).

Individual development and support for training

Of course we learn something new every day. Furthermore, we encourage employees to individually achieve top-level skills based on their personal development wishes. Besides time made available, we also sponsor certification and qualification programs, after agreement.

Corporate giving

Financial assistance received. Finally a note about castle Zinneberg - an institution for youth services in southeast Munich.

Example for Bergx2 GmbH's team and pro bono activities in the year 2013. Read a participant's report: "Perform at full capacity".

Strategic Philanthropy

For selected customer projects we are committed to pro bono or reduced rates; this also enables us to intensify our partnership with not-for-profit clients at the same time. This is a conscious choice in order to realize projects that would otherwise be impossible to finance. Recently, for instance, we acted in the interest of the Catholic relief agency Ebersberg and of the family platform ‚‘.