Case study: Financial services

Initial situation

Already in the first meeting it was evident that there are a few challenges to overcome that were not only noticed by customers, but also by neutral observers. The website had to be worked over and the way that relevant target groups were addressed, had to be reconsidered. Only after intensive consultation it was possible to define all tasks of the project. Furthermore, new requests from involved departments came up during the design phase, so that more than just the original site had to be redesigned. Meanwhile, other areas of the consortium have received their own website, implemented by the Bergx2 GmbH.



During project planning, we dealt with the following requirements in detail:

  • Who are the potential customers or groups of visitors?
  • How can you allow visitors better navigation on the website?
  • Is the attractiveness of services counteracted by the site layout?
  • How do we manage to maintain the established corporate identity and at the same time give the site a new fresh look?
  • Is the page SEO compliant and is the right keyword setup used?
  • Is the CMS used, still state of the art and is the dependability of the CMS guaranteed through proper selection and updating?


  • Reconciliation of the right target group definition with all departments involved.
  • Replacement of the currently used content management system due to the lack of user-friendliness. Furthermore, entrance doors for hackers could be identified and closed.
  • Complete realignment of web content and usability including a new keyword setup.


Achieved advantages and usage optimization

  • Selection of an editing friendly content management system provided significant relief to the users in operation.
  • The new design of the website promotes the image internally and externally.
  • Due to basic work in on page search engine optimization top rankings are now being achieved when searching for relevant keywords.



Of course, we can only represent a fraction of a multi-month project here. We are also working on other projects with this customer. We hope that we were able to give you a brief overview of our integrated services.