Perform at full capacity - as Bergx2 team

Perform at full capacity - as Bergx2 team

Day of Performance

The ‚Day of Performance‘ that the Bergx2 GmbH team was very much looking forward to, finally arrived on the 12 December 2013 and presented an opportunity for everybody to play an integral part even outside of our bits and bytes work environment. The goal was to not just passively talking about, but actively standing up for others beyond our digital world.

ISUS – Partner school of the SchlaU school

This time the beneficiary of our work was not a customer, but the unique school institution for young refugees without accompaniment: the SchlaU-School in Munich. More precisely: the affiliated partner school ISUS, for which Ivo, Matevz and Istok left bright and early in the morning. 

Bergx2 GmbH Team Day for the ISUS school

We were on the road as a team in a big delivery van. As a part of the charity project we were able to come to an agreement with the management of the Hagebaumarkt Ebersberg to give us an exception on the rental fees for the van. Due to the very heavy volume of our load on the next day we returned the car two hours late, which resulted in the subsequent withdrawal from the rental fee agreement by the lender and we were charged with a punitive delay fee. Istok was able to win the AWM-Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb Munich as a sponsor who issued a special permit and therefore enabled us to dispose of around 2 tons of hardware, consisting of IT, computers, electronic devices and school furniture at much better conditions.

In the name of Giving

What did we get up to in the end? On the one hand, we held a bilingual presentation – in German and English – on the topic of „Internet and the influence on youths – vice versa!“. This presentation was very well received by the students and they all shared their personal experiences and impressions.

Bilingual presentation

Ivo teachs the basics of web programming
Ivo teachs the basics of web programming

After a short presentation about our special Bergx2 company culture we introduced the typical as well as the atypical options for qualifications that lead to the profession of a great programmer. Amongst the latter alternative options are self-study programmes, MOOCs and further ways to qualification.

Versatile options to qualify

We compared the stereotypical geek with the reality; illustrated the history of the internet up until now; touched on the architecture and server landscape; and then discussed the multifaceted connections between social and business communities in terms of their chances and dangers

Stereotypes and architecture

The issue of FOMO – Fear of Missing Out – was accounted special attention, because it can easily influence the private lives of many youths and young adults.

Fear of Missing Out

IT an culture? – IT and culture!

Team, Mohamed and Olaf
Team, Mohamed and Olaf

After the presentation we first had a refreshing meal in an Italian restaurant at Lenbachplatz, where Mohamed, a student at the ISUS school, joined us. The following visit at the 'Museum für Abgüsse klassischer Bildwerke' on Katharina-von-Bora-Straße as a contrast to the IT part of the programme was the cultural climax of the day. Head of the museum and main curator Dr. Ingeborg Kader took the lead in the in tour of the museum. Special thanks for the organisation of the tour on short notice goes to Olaf Herzog, renowned sculptor and restorer of the state collection of antiques and Glyptothek Munich

IT and culture: an appealing inspiration

Helping Hands

Back at ISUS on Schillerstraße began the main part of our work: what felt like a hundred elevator loads full of recyclable computer and furniture hardware was carried between people to the delivery van. The dedicated team from ISUS helped us with the selection and the heavy lifting. Although nobody believed it at first: we managed to get rid of everything with only one load. Thus, the goal was accomplished at least for this day.

Matevz and Ivo at non-programming work
Matevz and Ivo at non-programming work

On the next day we took the heavy load to the recycling facilities.

All in all it was a team effort of which we are still very proud of and look back on with satisfaction even today. We were especially impressed with the positive attitude and the persistent thirst for knowledge of the students. The SchlaU-school and the ISUS partner school are truly excellent school institutions, which gave us back the energy and drive many times over what power and effort it could have ever cost us.

Together as a team

My gratitude goes to our own Bergx2 GmbH Team, the students and the management of the ISUS school as well as the supporting sponsor AWM.

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