Süddeutsche Zeitung: "Mission Homepage"

Süddeutsche Zeitung: "Mission Homepage"

Süddeutsche Zeitung

„Mission Homepage – three organisations have won the 'Mach mit, Zeig dich – Engagiert und Online' competition. They can soon be celebrating their professional web pages.“

Extract from the article:

„Three non-profit organisations from the district of Ebersberg will soon get the possibility to recruit new members and spread information quickly and cost effectively.“

[…] „The organisation 'Ausländerhilfe', the 'Ebersberger Ferienspaß', as well as the Ebersberg branch of the 'Weißer Ring' have won the ' Mach mit. Zeich dich – Engagiert & Online' competition. This competition was advertised for bids by the company Bergx2 GmbH from Ebersberg and the 'Katholische Kreisbildungswerk (KBW)'. The prize: an individual website. The internet agency will give their professional support to the non-profit organisations in the creation of the websites and subsequently attend the maintenance of the websites for the following year.“

[…] „The person who brought this competition into life was the founder of the internet company Sernc-Urban. „We usually work on commercial projects only“, he states. However, the company tries to hold a competition like this one to support a good cause each year. „Some companies simply make donations to those non-profit organisations. We commit to the good cause with competitions and hope that this way we can give back a little bit to our district“, says Sernc-Urban.


Mission Homepage für wohltätige Vereine


Summarised extract by: Istok Sernc

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