Hallo Ebersberg - press article: "Soon reachable at its own web page"

Hallo Ebersberg - press article: "Soon reachable at its own web page"

Wohltätige Vereine. Im Hintergrund die Jury.

In this picture are (from left to right): head of KBW Dr. Claudia Pfrang and the winner of the KBW-competiton; the representatives of the 'Ebersberger Ferienspaß e.V.'; 'WEISSER RING – Region Ebersberg' and the 'Ausländerhilfe Ebersberg'. Members of the selection committee are in the background. Photo: hr

The Kreisbildungswerk invited non-profit organisations and charities to present themselves, with the goal of winning a professional individual website including a one-year maintenance of the site. 13 applicants took part. As the member of the selection committee Stefanie Geisler explained, it was most important for the winners to come from different areas of expertise. Winners of the prize were: Roswitha Hülser und Birgit Hühn from 'Ebersberger Ferienspaß'; Peter Augustin from 'Weißer Ring', which looks after victims of violence and their families in the district; and Anne Cohrs, Ilke Ackstaller and Friederike Häußler from the 'Ausländerhilfe Ebersberg'. The 'Ausländerhilfe' is available on mornings from Monday to Thursday in the 'Ebersberger Familienzentrum.

Members of the selection committee were Ingrid Golanski, Jürgen Bethmann, Jutta Sirotek, Stefanie Geisler und Ludwig Mittermeier. Founder of Bergx2 GmbH, Matevz Sernc-Urban, will assist the winners with the creation and maintenance of their websites. In no less than half a year the websites are expected to all be fully functional and the wide range of support for affected people availble online.

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