Live chat – it is all a matter of perspective

by Pierre Voit

Promoting a high level of mutual interaction and intensive communication between company and clients is certainly the main priority in every client-orientated business. This perfectly justified wish is however hampered by the fact that the webpage visitor’s identity is generally protected. So, how can a company achieve better communication with its clients? One solution to this problem could lie in the effective use of live chat functions on the company’s home page. Appropriate choice, correct application and careful operation of a live chat system can indeed provide any company with a useful tool to boost mutual trust between supplier and customer.

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Hallo Ebersberg - press article: "Soon reachable at its own web page"
Hallo Ebersberg - press article:

The Kreisbildungswerk invited non-profit organisations and charities to present themselves, with the goal of winning a professional individual website including a one-year maintenance of the site.
13 applicants took part.

Ebersberger Zeitung – press article: "Winning organisations will get a website"
Ebersberger Zeitung – press article:

Ebersberg – During the summer of last year, in the course of the collaboration of the 'Kreisbildungswerk Ebersberg' and the company Bergx2 GmbH from Ebersberg on the website project for non-profit organisations „“, the idea for a competition was born. In October the two cooperating partners advertised for bids for the competition „Mach mit. Zeig Dich!“.

Perform at full capacity - as Bergx2 team
by Istok
Perform at full capacity - as Bergx2 team

The ‚Day of Performance‘ that the Bergx2 GmbH team was very much looking forward to, finally arrived on the 12 December 2013 and presented an opportunity for everybody to play an integral part even outside of our bits and bytes work environment. The goal was to not just passively talking about, but actively standing up for others beyond our digital world.

Leaflet – Potentially Better Alternative to Google Maps
by Pedro
Leaflet – Potentially Better Alternative to Google Maps

The Leaflet library is an open-source JavaScript library that includes all the features that most developers need to create online maps. This is a nice alternative to Google Maps, because it can be customizationed, utilizes different map layers, has customizable icons and pop-ups, as well as several other features that will be highlighted in this article.

Web Design Trend: Split Screen
by Annette
Web Design Trend: Split Screen

'What just happened there?', is a legitimate question that a user will probably have to ask himself several times while surfing the internet. The reason: they probably landed on a website which consists of two halves and thereby pays...